Elly: Italian production of high-quality stockings, tights and knee-highs.

Elly was founded in 1961 by Ubaldo Elli, who immediately decides to use his surname as a trademark, just turning the last letter "i" into a "y".
In 1969, the production of relaxing stockings starts with the brand "Carezza" and its distribution spreads all over Italy.
In 1978, Ubaldo’s three children join him in the management of the company which now opens to international markets.

"The beauty of feeling well" for Elly is the summary of the total quality distinguishing the Carezza products.
The ISO 9001 quality management system, based on accurate controls during the different manufacturing steps, guarantees the quality of the production and the best assistance to meet all customers’ needs.
The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate ensures that the products meet the human-ecological requirements of the standards.
Today, Elly has a capacity of more than 400.000 pairs per month.