All you wanted to know about Carezza graduated compression in 10 simple ANSWERS

1. My legs are tired and swollen in the evening. is there anything i can do?

Graduated compression models are the right solution for dynamic women, who work or who are always on the run. Thanks to their active beneficial massage, you can avoid the troubles caused by heavy and tired legs until the end of the day, giving your legs a light and energetic feeling.

2. How do graduated compression products work?

Thanks to their special helicoidal weave from refined materials, that ensure progressive support, compression gradually decreases from the ankle – where it is at its maximum – up to the thigh. This produces a massage that favours the blood flow to the heart, thus avoiding staunching and the resulting swelling.

3. When should i wear them?

As long as possible, during the day, in order to support legs and favour circulation. Especially for whoever must sit still – for instance when travelling – or standing for long periods of time, wearing graduated compression products from the morning helps preventing the feeling of tiredness and the uncomfortable swelling of legs.

4. Can you notice them once they are on?

Absolutely not! They are beautiful and elegant and you can choose from 3 ranges of deniers: 40 den for light compression, 70 den for a firmer massage to prevent slight blemishes and small troubles, 140 den for a therapeutic action or for those who already suffer from poor circulation (e.g. surface capillaries).

5. What are the deniers?

Deniers are an international unit of measure that expresses weight in grams of 9000 metres of yarn, the average length of the yarn that the tights are spun with: the higher the deniers, the ticker the yarn and the tights.

6. Is there a special way to wear them?

To achieve the best massaging effect, the products should be worn by widening the toe, correctly positioning the heel and giving a good pull up so that you get the right compression at the ankle, calf and thigh, according to the models. Special attention should be paid when using stay-up stockings: they shall not be put on after having applied lotions, oils etc. to the legs and they should always be washed with neutral soap after having worn them to ensure the good hold of the silicone lace band.

7. How do they go with fashion trends?

There is no problem for whoever wishes to dress in the latest craze. There are different models and colours of knee-highs, stockings and tights. And if you want to add a touch of class to your look, Elly also offers graduated compression products with refined patterns: Resille, Diagonal and Carré by Carezza.

8. How long do these products last? Are they resistant?

They are even more resistant than a normal pair of knee-highs, stockings and tights. Thanks to the quality of the yarns and the elasticity/adherence to legs, it is particularly difficult to ruin them. By following a few, little practical precautions, such as hand washing with a mild detergent, they will last up to 45 washings keeping the compression values unaltered.

9. Can men also find the right product for them?

Of course they can! The Active Effect lines by Carezza also help men’s legs in different situations: when travelling, at work or when playing sports with the new Sport knee-highs.

10. Why should i choose Carezza by Elly?

Because Elly, with its 60 years’ experience, is the University of Stockings, it is still today in the forefront of technological innovation of products like the new Sophie line, extra-sheer and invisible, silky and elegant. Elly is the specialist in products for wellbeing and beauty. Try them right away, your legs will prove it.
Furthermore, all Carezza models are:
- compliant with OEKO-TEX Standard100, they therefore meet stringent and scientific requirements regarding the substances that are present in the yarns that compose them: dyes and chemicals of various kinds considered dangerous for health and for the environment, are totally absent.
- Class I medical devices, registered, and therefore tax deductible according to Italian and European regulations, based on the tax legislation of the individual country.

* Their use is not recommended in case of dermatitis, skin wounds or injuries.